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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Passion versus Potion.

This Blog post is for Catch the Flavor ( Contest at


This continues from the previous entry for the contest in which I have explained in detail about my experience with Rums and Drums; glorifying the drinking part in a bid to justify the ‘spirit’ of the Competition!

Considering the nature of this competition and the Society we live in, there are three issues:

(1)    To drink or not to drink? ( Just like the philosophical question to have or not to have)
(2)    If to drink, then what to drink, hard liquor or Ready to drink lighter Bacardi Breezers?
(3)    If to drink Bacardi Breezers, why to drink Jamaican Passion?

First point has been discussed for Centuries. It is an old issue: Alcohol versus Alcoholism. There is nothing wrong in alcohol. It is mindless drinking that is objectionable. It is like good and bad aspects of fire. Just because fire kills, it can be doused from our lives for ever.

Secondly, It has been established by the Philosophers/Religious Heads/Scientists/Doctors (and Musicians too!) that occasional, moderate drinking is quite acceptable. So please drink moderately, preferably drinks like Bacardi Breezers as they are for occasional and moderate drinkers and not for die hard drinkers. Breezers (containing about 2% alcohol) are more like "soft drinks" with a little fizz and buzz to keep you buoyant and engrossed. Keep drinking moderately; Bacchus and Somdev will be happy! Remind spiritual people that it is ‘spirit’ which makes them spiritual! Even ‘adda or addhya’ is a part of Adhyatm!
Finally, the third and most important point: Why to drink Jamaican Passion?

Though Bacardi Rum is a common element in all the flavors; the difference among all the six flavors is simple: Jamaican Passion Breezer is a fruit of Passion whereas other Breezers are mere potions of fruits!
The proof of the Jamaican Passion is in the drinking! Drink it slowly; go through all the articles written by the Team Jamaican Passion, and hail it, the Somras, as the ultimate Winner!  

Jamaican! Jamaican! Jam-a-Icon!