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Sunday, March 9, 2014 the end of the world…

( This post is for Indiblogger - British Airways Contest on How far would yo go to get close to someone you love? Click here to see the British Airways Link.  Click here to see Go Further to get close video from  British airways.)

The answer to “ How far would you go ..” is simple- “To the end of the world”.

Love knows no boundaries- least of all the geographical boundaries. Distances do not and should not matter if you love someone. The only distance that matters is the distance in the heart.

Love transcends all the distances; the person you love remains in your heart; thus too close to be separated. Yet, one craves for the object of love to be in a tangible form so that he or she can be held close and touched and the eyes can behold the person.

Make no mistake – love  that makes you yearn to cross the seas and scale the mountains is not just between ‘lovers’; it can be between a husband and a wife also!

And here how can I forget the intense desire to see the world- to see all the continents- with my loved one- my wife- in tow. Traveling the world together- going so far as the end of the world together- is my idea of getting closer to the person I love most. Here it is not a question of reaching the person I love in the sense of geographical distance but traversing the geographical distance together to come closer. THE FARTHER WE GO TOGETHER, THE CLOSER WE BECOME. Isn’t that a new take on the title of this whole exercise?

Oh, how would I love to board a British Airways and fly all over the world with the person I love most! London seems so far away and yet so close when one thinks of British Airways.

What a flight  of imagination I have and how I wish to see the distant places where I have never been, with a loved one, so that I get closer to her in spirit. Yes this can be so if the object of your love has an even greater wander lust than you have!

And this wander lust exists only if  we both are together; because it helps us to come closer and closer still.