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Sunday, April 29, 2012

(8) Biking--An urge to surge ahead

(Continued from the previous post (7) A dancing pro becomes a P.R.O. ). If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion - Promotion.)

Biking may mean differently to different people but essentially, it is just an urge to surge ahead; for good or bad. Whether a biker is a young one, a pick-pocket, Oil Mafioso or a Spiritual Baba; the urge remains the same. There was no dearth of this holy urge in Tapri Oil Complex too. Internal and External Oil Mafia- all of them were into bikes and biking; predominantly because of free availability of petrol for them at Tapri Oil Complex.

For Reno, the Hero, biking meant an urge to merge with Butterfly on his bike in Tapri Forest or on any wide open highway. For oldie Satak Pal Sen biking was quite nostalgic. It reminded  the urge to splurge in ‘Santra & Soda with Mami’ in good old halcyon days of erstwhile American Oil Company; on Nachpur Roads full of pot holes. Every pot hole had bestowed him an opportunity to come spiritually closer to the pillion lady Mami. 

Suren Chor had an Enfield (Bullet) which, years ago, he had to reluctantly lift from Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, after pick-pocketing a rich devotee; to survive an imminent attack from a chasing Police Party.Now, he had brought the heavily made over Bullet to Tapri in his new avatar as an Oil Mafia king. 

Suren Chor, the biker, loved to compare himself with MF Hussain the painter, as they both were discalced i.e. they walked barefoot. According to him, both of them were ‘finger artists’. Suren Chor always boasted that he was a better artist, as Hussain could never indulge in biking barefoot on Indian streets. Moreover, he felt superior that his art was instantly rewarding. He also believed that it was birthright of every pick-pocket to excel in biking as both the arts required sophisticated fingers-hand-eye coordination. 

Just after the fire broke outside LPG Plant, Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia had started to run behind disgruntled Changu who, at the behest and instance of Topi Pissoo’s car driver Chabi, had set the fire outside Tapri LPG Plant. (As Changu was neglected by Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia; he wanted to embarrass them in front of SPCL bosses from HQO. Chabi had a grudge against his promotion by Topi as a car driver. Obviously Chabi was much better off financially as a Tank Truck Driver.)

Aging Suren Chor could run barely a few meters and caved in. Mangu ran in reverse direction to reach at Bandhu’s dhaba to pick his bike. By now, Darogaji too had reached there on his bike. Darogaji chose to follow disgruntled Changu, leaving his Police Party to systematically supervise the already extinguished fire. Incidentally, the extinguished fire was yet again extinguished one hour later by Nachpur Fire Brigade.

Suren Chor, lying supine, saw Changu emerging from the nearby cotton-fields to board a bus towards Chandpur. Within a minute Darogaji and Mangu Mapia arrived. Suren Chor sat at the pillion of Darogaji. The bikers were now on the verge to surge ahead to purge Changu’s dissension forever.

They did not take much time to overtake the bus. Changu was forced to get down form the bus and was taken to interior of Tapri forest. Suren Chor, the mentor of Changu and Mangu, now had to discipline Changu. No benevolence could be expected from Oil Mafia against such a crime of betrayal. 

Changu was beaten dreadfully by three of them. He immediately revealed the name of Chabi as his accomplice. Now, they competed with each other in riding the two bikes over Changu’s body and face. His whole body was desperately flattened and mutilated. The lethal game continued for two hours. Finally, Mangu Mapia took out petrol from fuel tank of his bike and set the dead body afire. 

While returning, Darogaji and Suren Chor began to sing “Ye dosti hum nahin todenge” on Darogaji’s bike in Jai-Veeru-Sholey style! Mangu Mapia smiled wryly. This was the song Changu and Mangu had been singing for the past five years in front of their boss Suren Chor! Mangu, probably, wanted to sing a dirge for Changu, but ultimately the urge to surge ahead prevailed.

By the time they returned, Chabi had left Tapri to drop the bosses at the Hotel. Darogaji could not spare more time for second ‘thrilling biking exercise’ despite having an urge…  

He requested Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia to go behind Chabi right away. The second chase of the day had begun. The power bikers were now on prowl…

Chabi had to be taught a lesson for the Oil Mafia to survive at Tapri. But Chabi was no Changu!

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