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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(10) ‘Flash’ Players and ‘Flesh’ Players of Eighties

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On that eventful day, when Changu conducted fire-raising ceremony outside LPG Plant in his endeavor to be a shining star like Mangu Mapia, but could manage to become only a dead star; a lot of curious events took place inside LPG Plant also. 

The life of Workers/Officers was quite normal despite the bosses’ arrival at Nachpur. Almost all of them were on duty without Uniform.The Local Union leader DM Yadu, dressed in broken white Kurta Pajama and a sparkling white Gandhi cap, was issuing sermons against Corruption by Satak/Reno and also about lack of Safety arrangements in the Plant. Nobody was listening to him; as usual. They had much better things to do.

Half of them were busy playing 'Flash' (card game) or Carom in the Canteen, as usual. Three of them were fully drunk and were sleeping on the floor at canteen, just behind the ‘Flash’ Players. The more important ‘Flesh’ Players like Satak, Mami, Reno and Butterfly were busy outside the Plant. Reno 20W45 had strategically deployed Techno Tandi, the ‘Flesh’ Player, inside the Plant. 

Michael and Raje were joking, poking around in gay abandon. The shift clerk, before making the Invoice, was haggling with a truck driver who was not willing to give more than Rs. 10 for a lucrative trip. A worker responsible to unload bulk LPG from LPG tankers was not willing to release the tanker without getting Rs. 100 from the driver. So the situation was quite normal. Snafu.

The oldies, having completed their eight hour job in one hour, were singing Bhajans in the far end of the filling shed, far away from Canteen / Administrative Block; using the new empty cylinders as Ghatam and Tabla –- Radhe! Radhe!! Younger ones were watching pornographic albums behind the stacks of cylinders – Babe! Babe!! 

The younger ones had gratefully collected the albums from generous Tandi who received the bonanza from Butterfly. Those albums were the precious gifts from Reno20W45 to beloved Butterfly. Reno had inherited just a part of this huge ‘property’ from Satak Pal Sen. Satak had painstakingly accumulated the treasure , Black and white and color albums on glossy expensive sheets; from various dealers, transporters, contractors, suppliers of SPCL and seniors/veterans of the erstwhile foreign oil companies over a period of two decades. He had only parted with the duplicate ones to his dear and worthy disciple Reno.

These honest workers were not claiming any over time expenses for such 'extra curricular' activities being done during duty time. A few LPG Operators while sitting/squatting on LPG cylinders, were over-filling/under-filling the cylinders on the carousel (the machine on which cylinders are filled); without really bothering about Tare weight or Gross Weight of Cylinders. Satak and Reno could terrorize the Officers at will but not the permanent Workers of SPCL.

In any case, Production was more important to Satak, Reno and their bosses. Stock loss was never an issue in SPCL, but ‘Satak Loss’ was a huge issue for one and all in Tapri. 

Tata Steels used to assert in their famous and charming advertisement in the late eighties- ‘We also make Steel’, in Hindi: ‘Ispat bhi hum banate hein’. The proud workers of SPCL LPG Plant also used to articulate the same sentiments without any fear of plagiarism: ‘We also fill Cylinders’. [So what if the cylinders were half filled, overfilled or defective?]

Contractors’ labor were doing Permanent workers’ tedious jobs like handling of filled, empty and defective Cylinders. They were also catering to the needs of all permanent Workers/Officers. One of them was assigned the job of cooling drinking water. (There were no coolers for workers /Officers inside the LPG Filling Shed). He was  cooling water jugs by opening a half inch LPG pipeline from the ubiquitous LPG Pipeline network and showering jets of LPG generously on the lower half of the jugs to produce the desired cooling effect. This way only several hundred kg LPG was used in a day for the welfare of hardly working SPCL employees whether Officers or workers. As mentioned earlier, Stock loss was never an issue in SPCL. The bigger issue was 'Satak Loss'.

The Officers, sitting on the LPG Cylinders in the Filling Shed, were discussing about Local Tapri politics and whining about certain ‘Chitting and Fissing allowances’ introduced in similar Govt. Oil Companies NPCL and GPCL but denied so far by the SPCL Management. Some of them were philosophical but a few of them were agitated that Reno, despite being Junior to them, had superseded all of them by several grades. This whining, grumbling was just a customary part of every day routine. Snafu, yet again.

In a cricket Match between Officers and Workers on last Independence Day, Chakrawarti Kumar the Manager- Plant was found to be chucking. The workers began to call him Chucker. On the same day while fielding, he failed miserably to catch cricket Ball (Batti, in workers’ jargon). But he revealed his capability to grab a crab (chakkar batti, in workers’ jargon) from the wet outfield. He further demonstrated how to eat it raw. They all began to call him Chucker Batti. Satak liked the name.

This is how Chakrawarti Kumar became Chucker Batti.

Manager –Plant, Chucker Batti, was the next in Command after Reno. As Satak and Reno were just outside LPG Plant waiting to welcome the learned bosses; it was Chucker Batti –Chucker Batti all the way.