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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(3) File Note to Pile Currency Note

 ( Continued from the previous Article Internal and External Oil Mafia. )

Satak, the Chief Manager, and Reno the Senior Manager were eternally grateful blokes. Appreciating Topi’s services, they decided to have yet another massive Overhead tank constructed by 'Topi Pissoo Mehta’ the Contractor. Approval to construct the tank on single quotation basis was not a problem. SPCL had a beautiful, dutiful   system of generating ‘File Notes’ so as to ‘pile notes’ with impunity. 

A blank ‘File Note’ is  a thick sheet with several dotted lines on which thick-skinned bosses sign to hilariously justify some utterly unjustifiable actions like: out of turn promotions/transfers, placement of Orders on single quotation basis on exorbitantly higher rates,  enhancement of Kerosene Quota in cities where no body uses kerosene, reconstitution/resitement/appointment/termination of dealerships , writing off huge stock losses/bad debts in hundreds of Crores, relaxation in payment terms for big industrial houses including famed Airlines, sending chosen Officers to Europe for training in LPG Operations in India, reimbursement of air travel / hotel expenses of Ministry Officials, purchase of expensive gifts for various Govt. Agencies etc etc…

Topi sponsored bosses’ air travel and the five star hotel stay in Nachpur, the district headquarters of Tapri village. (Bosses got the bills reimbursed from SPCL also and pocketed the money matter of factly, without evincing any trace of eructation...) Topi arranged a lavish party in bosses’ favorite and an exclusive nude Cabaret Joint- Bhogi Bar-pride of Nachpur District, frequented by Politicians, Govt. Servants and desi Oil magnates.

The file note to construct the Overhead tank was originated by Reno, recommended by Satak and handed over to Topi for taking the approval from the bosses. Topi gave the File Note to Shanno, the star performer of Bhogi Bar and darling of the bosses. Shanno, Julie, Gulbadan and many others arrived, performed and pleased the bosses as planned by Topi, Satak and Reno. 

Shanno, the ecdysiast, finally showed her designer ‘latke-jhatke’; covering her coveted body with only a 'file note'. Accustomed to these desi Oil Magnates, she too knew how to pile currency notes from file notes. She ensured that nobody touched her before signing on the File Note. The bosses sitting in the innermost ring appreciated the game of ‘paper strip’ teasing .They first stylishly threw the notes, sponsored by Topi, on Shanno. Then, they attacked on the file note granting their approvals hurriedly without looking at the body of the File Note. But, the other body in question did not escape their probing eyes & hands…

Satak, Reno and Topi, sitting in the middle ring were harmoniously singing just released the then Doordarshan Hit, “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara …” to the every step taken by Shanno, Julie and Gulbadan.

The knowledgeable audience of SPCL Officers sitting on the periphery appreciated Topi Pissoo Mehta by singing:  ‘Jai Mehta Di, Jai Mehta Di!’. As the chorus gained momentum, Shanno and other dancers started enchanting the bosses with their plastic love. Excited and ecstatic bosses also started chanting sacredly in mesmerized tones: ‘Jai Mehta di, Jai Me’ta di!’. 

Mighty thrilled Topi thanked his stars and roared most religiously, as was his wont: “Jai Mata di!”. 

The SPCL community reverberated heartily: “Jai Me’ta di!”.