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Friday, March 9, 2012

(4) Scam-dev and Scam-ayani

(Continued from the previous post File Note to Pile Currency Note.)

Bapu was still in Hospital, though out of danger now. He had also been invited for the Party. But Bapu, the ‘arrogant traitor’, chose comforts of the hospital to the ‘spiritual’ luxury of Bhogi Bar! In SPCL, all Parties involving “Spirits and  Salsa" by Sirens  used to be called ‘Spiritual Parties’. 

As per the procedures of SPCL, he should have informed the bosses in writing about his inability to attend the meeting. As such, the Party at Bhogi Bar was an Official Review Meet of all Officers (around 50) of SPCL Tapri Complex! Satak and Reno were thrilled that Bapu could now be easily served a Charge Sheet against ‘Insubordination and unauthorized absenteeism’ for not attending the Party/meeting!

Tired but gratified bosses after the action-packed night at Bhogi Bar spent the next day shopping, discussing about Shanno et al; and attending the all important Topison’s marriage. 

Meanwhile, Satak and Reno were in Office preparing for the meeting to take place the very next day where the only item in the agenda was: the enemy no.1 of SPCL- Bapurao alias Bapu. Satak was hysterical as usual and was shouting –“Bapu is a stupid and frustrated fellow! Boss is always right, Boss is always right…” 

Reno 20 W 45 eagerly bowed down by 45 degrees and pleaded Satak to just calm down. And then to please his boss Satak, Reno magically brandished Bapu’s bright orange diary; which was stolen the previous night from Bapu’s flat by Team Techno Tandi under the able guidance of Miss Butterfly Reno 20 W 45.

Satak really calmed down and even smiled seeing the diary. Now he could read Bapu’s mind! They started reading a short article written by Bapu in his diary with a heading ‘Scam-ayani’. Bapu had referred in the article: Satak as Scam-Dev, Mami as Scam-ayani, Reno as Scam-Putra, Butterfly as Scam-ya, Shekhar Raj as Scum –Dev, , File Notes as Scam-Sutra, official meetings as Scam-Kreeda and other bosses variously as Scamsters, scammers, scamps,  scam -uck etc on the lines of Hindi words Kamdev, Kamsutra, Kamayani,Kamuk etc.

After reading the article, Satak, yet again went berserk. ‘Satak Satak gaya’ so to say in Hindi. He started scam-pering in his room frantically. So, now, Reno too had to scam-per incessantly; following his boss bit by bit. Within no time Satak was shouting in stentorian tones: –“Bapu is stupid …! Boss is always right…”.This time Reno just could not come to grips with Satak so he had to dash away calling out Mami. 

Mami entered into the room and Satak into tranquility. Reno preferred to spend rest of the day in his flat with Butterfly. Satak kept on shouting at regular interval and Mami continued to sedate him in her own Scam-ayani manner.

Late in the night Satak and Reno attended the marriage. But here too, after seeing Bapu’s three friends, Satak went crackers. Every time he saw those three, he became frenzied and started shouting. Shekhar Raj would just lift his right hand and Satak will go noiseless. The game went on till the dinner was over.

After the dinner, when all the guests, lesser Officers of SPCL and even the Topi’s family members had gone; Topi Pissoo and the drunken Grand Ambassadors of SPCL gathered around the pool. CMD Khajulal was continuing to drink Bloody Mary and eat Kaju (Cashew nuts) well one hour after the dinner. By now, his mouth was looking like famous ugly grease Plant of SPCL in a coastal town.

Out of the blue, Khajulal jumped in the pool and started swimming fully dressed without stopping to eat Kaju. All others followed the action without wasting even seconds. Topi Pissoo Mehta Shouted devotedly: “Jai Maata Di!”. The whole swimming pool erupted faithfully and unfailingly: “Jai Me’ta di”.