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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(7) A dancing pro becomes a P.R.O.

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Around 6:30 PM, the Caravan of 15 cars began to return to Nachpur from Tapri; at last in a style befitting the desi Oil Magnates of SPCL. Noora ordered Reno to go to Bhogi’s with only Topi. 

The Bosses   chose to return to the Hotel. Satak was quite disheartened to have missed yet another chance to go to Bhogi’s. Noora could not trust the Journo …

The ‘Spiritual Party’ at Bhogi’s started   around 7.00 PM without bosses. Shanno, the ecdysiast, was at her best and was performing with a new found fervor. Shekhar, through Reno, had promised her a job of Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) in a subsidiary of SPCL in Bombay (Now, Mumbai) only if she could extract the name of the person who informed the Journo about the Fire Fiasco at Tapri. This was a life time opportunity for Shanno to extend her business in Bombay. She could not afford to miss it.

She drove the Journo crazy in her intense bid to know the name of the person. The Journo wanted favors in return. They went on haggling. Finally a deal was struck. Reno came to know that the informer was local Union leader DM Yadu.

Once the name was disclosed, Shanno and Reno left Bhogi Bar in a hot haste. Before leaving, Reno the philanthropist whispered to the Journo that it was not de rigueur for them to be dead to donate their organs. The journo understood and appreciated the theory and assured to apply and propagate it further as Reno’s theory of organ donation.

And then, a highly motivated team of Gulbadan, Julie and many more besieged the Journo as a part of the sanctified deal. 

Here at the Hotel, a pall of gloom was still pervading despite their gulping down several pegs of Santra, the local hooch, so lovingly arranged by steatopygian Mami for dear Satak. (Johnny walker –Black label a hit of that era was also arranged for the bosses by the bosses at SPCL expenses. But they preferred to deposit the same in their luggage respecting the austerity measures initiated by the Govt. of India and Ministry of Petroleum a few months back.) 

Noora kept on thinking philosophically about ‘Aasoulian Intelligence’ to be applied in HR matters of SPCL. Khajulal continued to do most efficiently what he had been doing for the last three days. Satak resumed to go Satak, as usual. Shekhar persisted to raise his right hand to nurse Satak, every ten minutes.

Reno and Shanno arrived at the Hotel by 9 O’clock. Reno heroically announced the name of the new enemy of SPCL- D.M.Yadu. Humanitarian Noora dictated to Reno the content of the charge-sheet to be given to Yadu. 

Now, the mood of the room changed dramatically. Shekhar congratulated Shanno for becoming a PRO. The pro was now proud to be a PRO. Noora handed over a letter of appointment. Shanno smiled and said coyly -'Jai Maata di!' This electrified the atmosphere .The bosses smiled and salivated copiously…

Shanno went back to Bhogi Bar, as a part of the consecrated deal, for the last time. Bosses left for the Airport. A short three days and two nights package at the cost of SPCL  had to come to an end because the bosses had utmost respect for the austerity measures announced by the Govt. of India.

(Noora had gone but the concept of ‘Noora Kushti’, as a new Management theory, had arrived. You have to have Aasoulian Intelligence to understand Noora Kushti. More about these sacred Management Theories in future...)

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