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Friday, March 16, 2012

(6) Scam Kreeda

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The meeting, the Scam-Kreeda, finally started at Tapri at 3 O’clock after lavish lunch en-route. Satak continued to chew tobacco and ruminate while looking furtively at Mami peeping from the nearby window. Mami was looking at Noora, Noora was looking at Khaju, and Khaju was more interested in eating Kaju. But Reno had to sacrifice Butterfly and his spit before he could start the show.

“Dear friends, time has come to choose to be an   Aasoul or a wet blanket like Bapu. If you want to play Golf with us, choose to be an Aasoul. If you wish not to grow and continue playing ‘Gilli danda’; follow the dirty path chosen by Bapu. If you want to believe that Satak sir is a pompous jerk, brash, conceited, apolaustic,devoted to lord Bacchus, an imposter, a womanizer and what not; you may think so. But look at our great corporate history; all successful bosses have evinced the same characteristics! And the Corporation has only progressed! To some rigid, useless and negative Officers; Satak Sir may be just an Aasoul. But our bosses have highest regard for him, for he is the face of the Company. If negative people want to call me Aasoul, I take it as a complement because all my successful superiors are like that only. And I am proud of them.”

Shekhar rose up to deliver his speech. “Corporation is giving you Salary, Perks and all ‘facilities’, you need not think beyond Company. There are Officers who talk about Country and countrymen, though they take salary from this company! We do not need such ‘arrogant traitors’! Here at local level Satak and Reno are doing a great job. Satak at 45 is the Present and Reno at 30 is the future of the Company. You all should support them. Thinking about what is good for Country is none of your business.”

Now it was the turn of the learned, intelligent and emotional, humanitarian Buddy Noora to inform about the roll out of the future HR Programs of SPCL. “I fully concur with Reno... I should say that it was a bold and great Aasoulian logic to covey the simple underlying philosophy of the Corporate World in general and Oil Sector in particular. 

“We emphatically   intend to start a centre of learning on the abstract subject of ‘Aasoulian Intelligence’ so that other Corporate, especially Oil Companies, world wide are also benefitted. I am going to have detailed discussion with Reno how to develop the subject of Aasoulian Intelligence for which we will soon begin with a project tentatively named APE. We are also going to fund for research in this pioneering field with the premier Management Institutes of the World.

“Regarding Bapu, we are going to serve him a Charge Sheet against ‘Insubordination and unauthorized absenteeism’ tomorrow itself through Reno. As far as his three indisciplined friends Tej, Kola and Vira are concerned, we are only transferring them to NE, North Zone and South Zone far away from their residences as per the Section 17.6.1 of the Transfer Policy according to which a transfer can take place any time any where at the discretion of the Management of SPCL.

We have issued them warning letters. They have accepted their grave mistake of being Bapu’s friend. They have also given in writing that they will never be associated with the ‘traitor’ in future. That’s all from HR point of view.” 

Satak hinted all Officers to leave. Now only the bosses, Satak, Reno and lowly learned, certificates accumulator, rain coat wearing, tobacco chewing, Machiavellian Bean Counter cum HR Officer Pujya Doshi were left. There were a few File notes to be signed for the betterment of the Corporation and the Country. They all signed merrily on the File Notes to pile notes…

Topi called from Hotel and informed Satak that he had taken care of the journalists and that he had arranged an action packed ‘Spiritual’ party at Bhogi’s Bar in the evening inviting the Journos also so as to ensure that SPCL does not earn negative publicity. Satak Pal Sen began to pirouette.

As Topi was not around, so Reno shouted religiously- Jai Maata di!! The bosses had a hearty laughter …!!!

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