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Monday, March 12, 2012

(5) Cosmic dance by a comic dunce

(Continued from the previous post Scam-Dev and Scam-ayani. If you are visiting the blog for the first  time, please start from the first Post Promotion- Promotion. .)

Within a month of operation of TPC ( Tapri Petroleum Company), Suren Chor had earned a second hand tank-truck from Topi Pissoo, the President of Nachpur District Tank Truck Owners-Drivers- Cleaners Association. Suren Chor was made the Secretary of the association and Mangu Mapia was designated Treasurer. Changu was no where in the reckoning.

Mangu Mapia had already started collecting Rs 20=00  from every Tank Truck driver for every trip made in any of the Depots; in his holy bid to protect their birthright to cut the petroleum products from all the tank trucks and Depots. 

By now, Changu had started feeling left out by Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia.  Chabi, a philosopher and also Pissoo’s driver was getting closer and closer to Changu. Chabi wanted to remain a Tank Truck driver for ever but Pissoo promoted him as a Car driver considering Chabi’s intellect. Chabi wanted money, not status. Thus, Chabi’s plan to become rich quick was shattered brutally by Pissoo. 

The Association painted the whole Tapri red in honor of CMD and Directors. All association members were neatly clad in new white Kurta Pajama purchased by themselves. Gandhi Topis (Caps) were provided by Topi Pissoo, obviously! They had also constructed a stage just outside LPG Plant to felicitate the SPCL bosses gratefully; for having facilitated them to cut the products from Depots with impunity despite Bapu’s written complaints. 

Since morning, the loud speaker had started playing patriotic songs at full volume. Topi, the patron, was humming constantly- ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’. Suren Chor was singing most patriotically- ‘Mere desh ki Dharti ugle Petrol Diesel...’. 

Mangu Mapia was high on Bhang (Cannabis sativa) and was playing ‘holi’ with himself and the Drivers / cleaners since morning. He did not stop dancing and singing for Suren Chor even for a moment. It was like a cosmic dance by a comic dunce for a chronic dense; savored by all.

At the same time, Changu started moving surreptitiously towards Chandpur; the other end being Nachpur. He had a five liter Oil can in his hand, when he was last seen.  

The Caravan of 15 cars, carrying three bosses, reached Tapri at 11.30 A.M as they got delayed because of salutation at every Petrol Pump enroute. Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia presented a memorandum about the problems created by Bapu and his three friends in the name of Safety for not only the LPG plant’s Tank Truck drivers but also for the Petrol/Diesel drivers working in the adjacent Oil Depot.

Topi also submitted a memo regarding his long pending bills against several constructions in LPG Plant not cleared by Bapu; despite clear instructions given by Reno and Satak. Shekhar Raj and humanitarian buddy Noora, on behalf of Khajulal, assured Topi that such indiscipline will not be tolerated.

As the bosses were about to enter into the Plant; there was a huge explosion just outside LPG plant at Chandpur end. Consequently, the dry grass out side the Plant caught fire and the flames reached up to the height of fifty feet. The flames continued to erupt threatening to enter into the LPG Plant and Depots. There was utter pandemonium on the stage. Wooden stage, constructed by Topi at the cost of SPCL, collapsed and all hell broke loose. 

Mami and Butterfly, not on the stage, rushed to Bandhu’s dhaba. Suren Chor and Mangu Mapia ran in the direction of Chandpur, in search of Changu.

Except Chabi, all drivers of Tank Trucks and 15 cars ran in the direction towards Nachpur. Chabi seemed to be mentally prepared for the accident. He was standing just near his car. He hopped into the car hurriedly and began to honk the horn hard and hysterically to help holy honchos reach at hotel hastily. Topi and the bosses heroically got up on their feet and got themselves deposited in the Ambassador Car. 

Heavy-weights gone, Satak Pal Sen started running from one end of the main gate of 50 ft length to the other end without entering into the Plant. Throughout he was shouting – Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! Reno was following Satak inch by inch and decibel by decibel. This continued for ten minutes though the fire got extinguished on its own within 7 -8 minutes.

Chabi dropped them into the Hotel in Nachpur -15 Kms away from Tapri. A message for them was awaiting- The fire had already been extinguished. The Manager of the Hotel informed them that two journalists were also waiting for them to enquire about some fire in Tapri. Humanitarian Noora, the more intelligent among them, realizing the problem, dropped Topi at the Hotel to sort out the journo and ordered Chabi to immediately rush back to Tapri....

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