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Monday, February 4, 2013

(2B) External Oil Mafia

Suren Chor first opened his Office and Sales Counter behind Bandhu’s dhaba .The sales zoomed beyond expectations due to the price differential and Suren Chor’s marketing skills. He opened another Outlet, on the eve of Republic day, just in front of LPG Plant’s Officers Residential Complex on the Highway. Within a month, daily Sales Volume of TPC reached 4000 litres of various Products.

Bapu, the Safety Engineer, was the only person who had problems with this arrangement in front of his flat. He could see the empty and filled oil cans of various sizes in different colors swaying to and fro for the whole day. Bapu complained to Reno and Satak. They scolded him to mind his own business. He complained to the Depot Managers of all oil companies too. But they refused to do any thing as the illegal activities, according to them, were taking place outside their respective Depots.

After a few weeks, he wrote letters to SPCL HQO. Sent several reminders. No body responded. Dejected, he approached Darogaji to lodge an FIR. Darogaji refused to accept the complaint as it was not signed by Depot Manager or Chief Plant Manager.

Furious Darogaji informed Satak about the audacity of Bapu to contact him. Contumelious Satak fulminated hysterically,” Boss is always right, Boss is always right, Boss is always right…”.

Coming to senses at last, he called Reno and explained to him about the scandal- an Officer going against the wishes of Satak! Reno was devastated, such a betrayal by his own subordinate! Tandi, Mami and Butterfly were summoned. Satak winked at Mami. Mami left the room like a ghost and reached Bandhu’s Dhaba. Suren Chor called Mangu. Mangu executed the plan perfectly.

Several bones in legs, hands, face and ribs broken; Bapu was rushed to a hospital in a very critical state by compassionate Reno and others. Khajulal, CMD-SPCL, humanitarian Buddy Noora- Director Personal, Shekhar Raj- Director Marketing all came to know about the incidence. Emotional Buddy Noora directly instructed  Satak to ensure that Bapu survives.

( Bapu used to ask his friends if vegetarians eat vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat!?) 

Buddy Noora, the humanitarian, thought it was a big crisis for SPCL. An Officer showing disrespect to all important Hierarchy. It was a Corporate blasphemy not to worship the bosses. An Officer trying to lodge an FIR! It was a severe crime of insubordination and bringing the good name of great SPCL to disrepute. Such an Officer had to be taught a lesson so that no Officer could ever dare to take such negative actions in future. Bapu had to be charge-sheeted for others to see.  So Bapu had to survive first.

Suren Chor, his team, drivers, transporters and many others celebrated the victory. Mangu was hailed as the much needed ‘Mafia’ for the community. Now he was known as Mangu ‘Mapia’. The Sales of TPC jumped to 7000 litres per day after Mangu Mapia’s great strike.

Satak instructed Reno to prepare a cyclostyled letter to all employees of SPCL about the great betrayal by Bapu. Reno complied and letters to all 9000 employees in the Country were sent the very next day.

Khajulal, Buddy Noora, Shekhar Raj and all other big shots decided to have a meeting at Tapri the very next week to correct the situation. In any case they had to attend Topi Pissoo’s son’s marriage. Now they had an excuse to visit Tapri together. Topi Pissoo was delighted!