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Monday, February 4, 2013

(2A) Internal Oil Mafia

Tapri village, made famous for heat and lust by apolaustic Reno and callipygian Butterfly, had three Oil companies: SPCL- Superior Petroleum Corp. Ltd, GPCL-Glorious Petroleum… and NPCL-National Petroleum. Mami, Tandi and Butterfly were Contractor /Transporter Topi Pissoo’s employees. Mami and Topi Pissoo had worked in all three Companies since the time the companies were owned by the Americans and the British.

Many Taprians, like most Indians, were incurably attracted towards white skinned women. Butterfly was the White legacy of the past. But nobody knew about the type of legacy- Superior, Glorious or National?  Mami never revealed who he was - A British or an American. Officially Butterfly was owned by Reno, whatever Tandi may be claiming boastfully about his passionate triumphs.

Bapu and his friends used to play Gilli Danda, oblivious to Tapri, with local youth just outside LPG Plant in an open field on Sundays. On such a Sunday morning, Reno and Butterfly were serenely enjoying rain dance in the thick green belt, beneath the perpetually leaking overhead tank constructed by Topi Pissoo.

At the same time, beguiling  Mami went on a Special duty,  ‘on SPCL duty’ , for two days and one night to a nearby City with crapulous Satak Pal Sen, Chief Plant Manager, in a white ambassador sponsored by Topi Pissoo; who had got all his Tank-Trucks/Jeeps/Cars  painted with the caption ‘On SPCL duty’. The moment the ambassador car, carrying the Grand Ambassadors of SPCL, left Civilization behind; Satak and Mami  also left the garb of civilities behind.

Satak Pal Sen was quite popular among his bosses for being an avid ‘Explorer’. Satak was quite adept at exploring new avenues to make money for him and the bosses. He had the gift to explore all surroundings too. So, now he was all free to do exploration inside the car too.  

Chabi, a philosopher and the driver, was now wide awake to witness Satak’s skilled exploration. Satak noted after some time that Chabi was ogling at them through the rear mirror. Satak went berserk. He spat tobacco and spouted ‘C’ rated English abuses learnt from his Phirangi bosses through his  serrated teeth in a spectacular style that could be bettered successfully only by Reno.  Of course Reno deserved to be promoted, Chabi pondered while tilting the mirror, now concentrating only on the sounds…

While ‘on SPCL duty’; Mami did not have any job in the day time in that City. So she decided to meet the legendary Suren Chor, her first cousin and number One Pick-pocket of the region.  Fortunately, Suren Chor was neither on ‘tour’ nor in ‘Sarkari Guest House’. Mami explained about the abundance of Oil in Tapri, her connections with Satak / Topi Pissoo and Butterfly’s connection with Reno. Aging Suren Chor liked it.

Mami returned home with Satak, the head of Internal Oil Mafia, as per schedule. Suren Chor followed the very next day with two of his brightest disciples Changu and Mangu. All three of them were now ‘on SPCL duty’.

Thus the famed Internal Oil Mafia of Tapri joined synergies with the future External Oil Mafia of Tapri. Mami was the main link between Internal and external Oil Mafia.

On reaching Tapri, Suren Chor took the blessings from Darogaji (Police Inspector- Tapri) and Topi Pissoo. Changu and Mangu started learning fast from Techno Tandi about Petroleum products. 

Changu was in charge of the Railway Siding behind the Depots / LPG Plant from where his team used to ‘cut’ the products from Pipelines and Railway wagons containing Bulk Petroleum Products. 

Mangu was responsible to ‘cut’ products from tankers of all the Oil companies leaving the Depots situated in a row on a Highway. The drivers of the tankers were thrilled; their ‘cut’ was sold right in front of the Depots!

Within a month Suren Chor established his business outside the Depots and LPG Plant. He just organized all 10 to 15 small operators under one umbrella-Tapri Petroleum Company-the TPC. 

The External Oil Mafia under the leadership of legendry Suren Chor had arrived.